Enter the Portal - Join My Coterie

Apply to SERVE ME.

Follow instructions or you shall be dismissed! 
I should never have to repeat myself. 

Read through My whole website before contacting Me.

A fifty dollar Initial Tribute is required for all first time clients, one hundred for all domestic or international travel requests (References and ID mandatory).
This is a mandatory Entry Tax to the Portal and must be received to initiate communication. 
This is non-refundable to ensure your sincerity and committment to Me.

Fill in form (be sure to answer all requested questions) and send initial Tribute to iamqueenlayla@protonmail.com
(credit card gift card or cashapp $lovequeenlayla). Emails without Tribute attachment will be ignored.

Initial Tribute must be received from first-time clients prior to any BDSM sessions or Playdates and to begin communication.

Correspondence - I expect you to take the time to write a thoughtful introduction. You must be a true submissive and willing to play by My rules. Be sure to spellcheck and ensure proper use of grammar in all forms of contact with Me.

Please note I require at least 24 hours advance notice for all bookings.

I am available most afternoons and evenings for playdates. I have limited availability during the day and weekend, my preferred hours for sessions are 1pm-9pm. Must pre-book.
I CAM only once a week by appointment.

If you would like to text or talk with Me, add Me on Sextpanther and await further instructions.

Please read through the article "How to Behave in the Presence of a ProDomme" by Mistress Simone Justice and review My whole website in detail before contacting Me.  

Cancellation Policy:
All Tributes are non-negotiable and non-refundable. To obtain an appointment with Me, you must follow instructions. 
If you cancel 48 hours before your appointment, you may reschedule another time within a months time frame without additional initial Tribute (strike one).
If you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment, your inital Tribute will be kept as an apology and you will have to make a new Tribute to see Me (strike two).
If you cancel on the day of, or are a no show, you will be blacklisted (strike three).
If you are running late when meeting Me, please contact Me as soon as you realize your tardiness. I expect you to behave professionally and respect my time as this is common courtesy.

I believe in open & honest communication,
and mutual respect. Confidentiality is assured.
I am your Diety.
Worship Me. Serve Me. Devote yourself to Me.
Follow Me to Freedom.
Surrender & Free yourself.
It is a privelege to be in My presence.
I expect you to understand that if you are chosen to be My plaything, you must play by My rules. 

1. Refrain from wearing strong cologne/aftershave.

2. Ensure that you are clean (body and breath).

3. Prepare Tribute in a colored envelope and present it to Me upon arrival along with a handwritten note of your devotion to Me (letter/poem/song/art).

4. We will begin with a sit down to discuss our scene and aftercare before we begin our playtime (unless this has already been pre-discussed by email). For social playdates, playtime begins upon My arrival.

5. Once playtime begins, you relinquish control and surrender yourself to ME. Release your mind, your body, your soul.

6. Abide by My rules or dare to disobey and suffer the consequences.  

7. Afterwards I expect a Thank You note to show your appreciation for My time and energy.
Currently in New York, NY.
Worship your Diety
Pay your taxes & send sacrificial gifts
99 WALL ST  No. 868
New York, NY 10005
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