I am highly selective with whom I play with, as it is of utmost importance that I enjoy Myself in all sessions.
True submissive, mature, intelligent, genuine people may apply.
( I love playing with ALL bodies - LGBTQIA  folks inquire for special Tribute tiers.)
Prove yourself to be worthy of My precious time and be ready to serve, obey, commit.
I believe in loyalty, learning and enriching each other's lives.
We are here to live, love, laugh, learn and transcend. 

Dare to be free with Me
Enter the Portal: Magical Kingdom for Sexual Freedom.
Currently seeing limited clients during COVID-19.
Available only for select Cash Meets, Social Playdates, Tease & Play, and limited Foot Worship, BB/CBT/Spanking BDSM sessions. Masks must be worn and all safety measures respected and followed. 

Outcalls to upscale hotels and private residences can be arranged. $50-100 Travel Tax may be added depending on location and time of appointment.  
Virtual Sessions by appointment ONLY. 
Text/Call Me on SEXTPANTHER! 
I love to hear your fantasies)

To begin, open your wallet to speak.

Respect Me by doing your homework before making contact.

Send $25/$50 Portal Entry Tax to receive WhatsApp or WeChat info to begin email communication.
Send $100 to book an Audience time slot and have a conversation with Me.
I must SPEAK with you before you are allowed access into My Kingdom. Instructions and LAWS must be followed without question or hesitation.

All bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance.  $200 Rush Tax will be added to same day bookings.
Preferred times are afternoons and evenings.
All sessions and world travel requests require references,
advance notice, deposit and Tribute. 

Portal Entry Tax &
Audience with the Queen -
Sneak a peak into your transformation
(Must be received for you to get a response)
$25 All new requests
$50 Travel requests
(20 minute phone conversation, considered a DEPOSIT towards Playtime - you do the math)
MANDATORY prior to booking ALL other dates

Be Cast Under My Spell  - BDSM Playtime
$330 1 hour special
(strictly foot worship/BB/spanking)
$600 90 mins
$1100 3 hours (preferred)
3 or more hours please inquire

Join My Coterie -  Make Me Smile.  
Entry into My secret society
$100  OR $1000
Send and sacrifice for your Deity
Show your LOVE & adoration 
no matter where you are in the world
(Mandatory for ALL Helpers)

Playdate with the Queen -
Shopping/Dining/New Adventures
I love to be pampered in every way!
Surprise Me or
Email Me to inquire more about
My specific interests
$130 LiveAudience
(30 mins meet & greet)

$300 1.5 hours
$400 1.5 hours
*with public play*

(you foot the bill of course)

Event Confidante -
Special Events/Company Functions
Vanilla/Fetish Parties/Clubbing
the life of the party
loves dancing!
$500-8000 per event

Tease & Play
Embrace Your Essence - Unleash Your Power
You are under My control from start to finish.
Surrender & free yourself.

(Joyous social & playtime - up to 8 hours)

Cash Meet -
I love money and you love to provide it for your Deity!
I take pleasure in using you as My human ATM!
Serve. Worship. Tribute. Repeat.
$300 minimum per meet

Kinky Education -
Have the courage to change your life under
My loving guidance &
Become the best version of Yourself
$5000 per month

Available for FLY ME TO PLAY & International Travel upon request.  I expect first/business class airfare, 4/5 star hotel, and minimum 

Apply to SERVE ME.
Experience submission through My expert hand, influential voice and mind-blowing power.

My magnetic and unparalleled energy keeps you yearning for more.

I will nurture you and push you to your limits while respecting your boundaries and embrace you as you are.

I truly believe BDSM to be an extraordinary healing modality.

I conduct sessions in Mandarin and English at my leisure. 

I am the Deity of LOVE.


Apply to SERVE ME now.

I am a Deity and you live to worship and serve Me.
Any devotee who owns a bill has the great responsibility of paying it every month.
Show your dedication to Me.  
$100 Phone Bill  
$200 Miscellaneous 
$500 Groceries   
 $600 Martial Arts Training    
$800 New Adventures
$2000 Rent
$8000 Happiness Fund     

Adopt My bills with monthly Tribute via cash (preferable), other online forms to be discussed (please contact Me for instructions). 

Currently accepting thoughtful applications for the following:

(Be My loyal benefactor and help support My business goals)

(Sativa preferred, delivered at My command)

(Luxury vehicle, must be super clean, pick up/drop off on demand)

Fine Dining Foodie
(Cater to My tastebuds and treat Me to weekly/monthly meals)

Foot Lover
(Pamper Me with mani/pedis, massages, SHOES & pantyhose)

Fresh Flowers & Plants 
(Weekly/monthly delivery - NO lillies)

(Weekly groceries, or on call basis for whatever I require delivered on demand)

Latex Lover
(Indulge Me with new latex and help grow My collection)

Travel & Adventure
(Fullfill My desires and fund My fun life and learning experiences)

(Assist with social media, SEO, marketing or camera/video shooting & editing)

Remember your place - you are here to make My life easier and your purpose is to serve My pleasure at ALL times.  

Helpers are expected to:
Join My Coterie (Tribute $100 OR $1000 - do what you can or save up to please Me)
Tribute $50 each time you enjoy the privilege of being in My divine presence
Foot the bill for any expenses occured together 
Be loyal and available to serve at My demand
Make Me smile by making sacrifices in order to spoil and entertain Me
Understand that helping Me does not equal to playtime sessions, and although you may receive occasional rewards for good behavior it should never be expected.
You are here to Serve. Worship. Tribute. Repeat.

Do you have what it takes to serve the one the only Queen of Opposites?!

You will be tested on My website to ensure you understand My LAWS and Interests as well as your ability to follow simple instructions, read a website, use proper grammar and Woo Me with your words in your introductory first approach.
Follow instructions as I should never have to repeat Myself.

Many shall attempt, few will triumph.

Selected helpers will be contacted. Emails without proof of Tribute will be ignored.
Open your wallet to speak. Bow down and worship your Deity.
Currently in New York, NY.
Serve from afar
Worship the Deity of LOVE
Pay your taxes & send sacrificial gifts
99 WALL ST  No. 868
New York, NY 10005
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